Upcoming Nature Walks

April 29, 2012

10:00  POND PANDEMONIUM!  Our anual get-muddy, find frogs, look at water bugs, wet and woolly celebration of pond critters.  Come prepared to be fascinated at what insect life tells us about the quality of the water, and to have fun looking at frogs, eggs, turtles and whatever our guest naturalist can rustle up from the pond, stream and vernal pool.





Last Time:

April 7, 7:00 PM A Celebration of Early Spring.  An evening walk, Hill-Stead’s most peaceful hour, when we heard Spring Peepers and one lone American Woodcock.  Evening is Hill-Stead’s most peaceful time, when regular visitors have left.  We really enjoyed our chilly but rewarding time roaming around the grounds until the first stars came out.


2 Responses to “Upcoming Nature Walks”

  1. Carine Hoye Says:

    Hello Diane!
    Great Blog! I love your writing style: very friendly, at times quite hilarious, and always interesting & informative. I’ll have to check these pages more often…Pond Pandemonium looked fun! Do you do any family friendly walks?

    • hillsteadnatureblog Says:

      You bet! Many of our programs are perfect for families, and we love having them! Check out our Upcoming Walks section, or go on http://www.hillstead.org and look through the calendar. Call or write with questions. See you on the trails!

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