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Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington, CT

This blog is about nature at Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, Connecticut. The legacy of land preservation and the appreciation of the natural world is an important element of the Hill-Stead tradition. These pages open a window on the woodlands, wetlands and meadows of Hill-Stead’s 152 acres. Diane Tucker, our naturalist, watches the property carefully and updates us often about what is happening as the year progresses and the seasons unfold.  She discusses what she sees and shares information about birds, bugs, wildflowers, amphibians, reptiles and any aspect of nature suggested by her ramblings about the property.

Ms. Tucker has over a decade’s experience in environmental education, enlightening school groups, adults and children about natural history and ecology.  The blog has been in existence for three years and touches on dozens of topics and themes.  We invite you to enjoy the blog and make any comments or observations you wish.  Please also feel free to ask questions. This is easy to do from the sidebar of the last blog post.  Look for a box that says, “search this site” and enter the topic you are interested in.  Posts containing information on that topic will pop up.

Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, Connecticut is on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to being the home of one of America’s first woman architects, it has a world-renowned collection of Impressionist paintings. The property is notable for landscape and outdoor diversity and there are gardens and hiking paths open to the public. 


5 Responses to “About Our Blog”

  1. Joan Benham Says:

    I wanted to receive your email newsletter, but I can’t see that you have one.
    It’s a great website/blog, but I am more apt to remember events if I get a monthly newsletter.

  2. hillsteadnatureblog Says:

    Thank you for looking at our blog! Try hitting the “subscribe to Hill-Stead Nature Blog” link found on the right side of the blog page where the lists of sites that carry us can be found. It should help you to get an e-mail reminder every time there is a new post. Cheers, Diane

  3. Maureen Solomon Says:

    Dear Diane, thank you for the delightful guided nature tour of Hillstead’s grounds at the poetry work shop on Saturday. I enjoyed it so much and your informed talk was lovely – those bug boards were awesome.

    This is my son’s blog, a detailed look at native plants written most poetically. I am planning to send him the reference to Anna Comstock’s book, am sure he will love it.


    Again, thanks for the tour.

    Maureen Solomon

  4. Mindy Barnett Says:

    Hi- is there anyway to get a high resolution copy of your muskrat photos? We are looking to use a photo of a muskrat on top of the water for an exhibit here at the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum in Jackson, Wyoming. We are looking for at least 600 dpi.

    Thanks for any information!

    • Diane Tucker Says:

      Sorry for the belated reply. Honestly, I don’t remember exactly if I took those pictures or not. I think I didn’t. They may have been on the internet and available for anyone. I’ll look through my catalogue of photos and get right back to you if they are mine. I’ve been away and didn’t check the blog for quite some time.
      Diane Tucker

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