Cleaning Out Bluebird Boxes

We’ve had a spate of early warm weather around here and though it wasn’t even St. Patrick’s Day the 60 degree temperatures had everyone in a springtime frame of mind.  All the same, it was late for cleaning them out.  So it seemed high time to get out there and get the job done, since Eastern Bluebirds have had breeding on their mind well before now.  It was so beautiful, I wasn’t sure my words could do it justice, so I decided to bring you along with me on my walk.  I hope you enjoy it.  To know more about both Bluebirds and Pussy Willows mentioned in the little film, there are earlier posts on the blog with more detail.


See you on the trails,

Diane Tucker
Estate Naturalist


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16 Responses to “Cleaning Out Bluebird Boxes”

  1. Cindy C Says:

    Loved being with you as you cleaned out the bluebird boxes….made my week. Hope blue birds move in soon. They will be very lucky birds to live at Hill-Stead.
    Your friend, Cindy C.

  2. magsx2 Says:

    What a beautiful place, thank you for the walk, a great video. I would of been a bit frightened I think opening the blue bird boxes not knowing what to expect, you are very brave.

    • Diane Tucker Says:

      Margaret, You’ve got a point there. I’ve had little mice looking out at me more than once, but they usually don’t jump out at you. And it is fun to see the mice!

  3. Anne Melissa Dowling Says:

    Hi Diane, I loved the video. Please make more of these! Fun to hear your voice and to share the little wonders!

  4. Cynthia M. Says:

    What a wonderful, quick little video that says so much more than having just a regular post about the nesting boxes! I haven’t been brave enough to try video-blogging… yet. But I thoroughly enjoyed going with you on your walk and seeing a bit of the property! One of these days I’ll work myself up to making a short video clip for the blog. Thanks for sharing this one!

  5. Judith Babcock Says:

    I was at Hillstead for Ethan Frome movie March 14 and asked when Diane would do another blog and like magic we have received two since then. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy them.

    • Diane Tucker Says:

      You are very kind. You cannot know how pleased I am that you enjoy the blog. I’ll try to be more regular in my offerings! Perhaps we’ll meet one day at the book group. I hear it is terrific.

  6. Parrot Writes Says:

    Thank you for letting me come along on your quest today. The video of Hill-Stead in early spring is beautiful. I appreciated learning a bit more about the setting and being able to help with your “chore”. Lucky bluebirds!

  7. Eye on Nature Says:

    Hi Diane,

    Nice video!


  8. Bridget Willard Says:

    I love it!

  9. wildlifewatcher Says:

    Hi Diane, Well, it sure looks great on both our ends, weather-wise and activity-wise. Bluebirds are such fantastic birds! Have a super great day!

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