Dinner on the Hill


Imagine a  setting with a beautiful stately home in the background.  The front lawn is set with long tables, people talk in groups and wait for a farm feast to begin.  Lively music fills the air.  The sun sinks lower in the sky, and trees have just the beginnings of fall colors at the edges.  There is the sound of laughter and animated conversation.  The beauty of art, food, conviviality, nature and hospitality blend in a relaxing and inspiring way.

I’m not making it up.  It was reality last Sunday as we celebrated  first year of our farmer’s market.  Over the summer we played host at Hill-Stead to a collection of superb farmers, who brought fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, flowers and many other locally made items to our beautiful property each weekend.  “Our”  farmers even grew the food for the  feast.

Every weekend from July forward, literally thousands of visitors shopped, enjoyed live music and learned more about the area at the market’s community table.  Some stayed for a walk on our trails, some visited the museum home that contains work by Monet, Manet, Renoir and many other artists.  They enjoyed the hospitable yet elegant atmosphere of the residence of the Pope and Riddle families.  People shared picnics and conversation.  It was truly the realization of an ideal shaped by Theodate Pope Riddle herself:  the celebration of agrarian life alongside the sophistication of a fine country home,  a welcoming atmosphere and a dedication to community.

The farmer’s market continues through October, and we look forward to a bounty of locally grown products next year.  Join us!

I’ll see you at the market,
Diane Tucker, Estate Naturalist


One Response to “Dinner on the Hill”

  1. Bridget Willard Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

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